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Enjoy a Great Wedding Day with The Caterers Register!

We understand that arranging your wedding is an exciting time, but also a daunting process with so much to piece together before the big day – so let The Caterers Register use the wealth of hospitality experience to help and support you along the way. Our directory site likes to offer our customers something that is a little different – which is why we are a proud one-stop-shop for the discerning couple looking to plan a less ordinary wedding.

The booking process

The process begins with you searching for a suitable wedding caterer who you think can meet the budget. Get started by sending a quotation based on the information provided on the website through an initial enquiry. The quote will be tailored to suit individual requirements and will detail a menu suggestion along with a clear breakdown of all additional costs. The next step would be to arrange a meeting, once you have confirmed the booking.

As professionals dealing with catering services in Edinburgh are worried about their businesses, couples are also equally concerned about finding quality wedding caterers in Edinburgh.

Who can connect all of them?

The Caterers Register.

We are a niche directory focusing on building a cordial relationship between wedding caterers and couples. We know how important food is to keep the guests satisfied and content. Hungry guests will make your wedding feel dull.

To keep everyone on their toe, food is essential. But selecting a reputed and credible catering service is time-consuming as you have to keep asking and consulting all your family and neighbours.

But with us, make this selection process less complicated and smooth.

How can we help our customers?

  • A Wide List to Choose from

As hundreds of catering services in Edinburgh are listed with us, you can go through them to shortlist a few and choose the best one.

Each caterer may serve in a little different way but you can always customise their services.

To choose among them, you just need to have a talk with them and discuss what you are looking for.

  • Multiple Categories

Though catering service is a niche in itself, it has multiple categories. If choosing your caterer from a particular category seems vital to you, you can select category-based caterers.

For a marriage ceremony, wedding caterers in Edinburgh can serve you the best.

  • Compare the Prices and Services

Choosing a caterer comes with its own set of commitments. The price and the services covered are crucial for the customers to know.

Selecting among your acquaintances doesn’t allow you to compare. You have to agree whatever they are asking for from you.

But in our directory, you can compare all wedding caterers as per their prices and services.

Make your wedding lively with The Caterers Register!