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Top 7 Questions to Ask while Hiring Wedding Caterers in London – Check the Following Points
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  • November 23rd, 2020

Top 7 Questions to Ask while Hiring Wedding Caterers in London – Check the Following Points

Your big day turns into a special day for your guests when the menu is satisfactory to all. Compromising with the food quality makes it bland for others. This plays a crucial role in the selection of the right wedding caterers in London. To ensure, you have hired your perfect match, ask the following questions before selection:

1. Are the caterers available on the date for the required time?

Based on the number of guests, the caterers in London will take time to prepare a delicious meal. Therefore, it’s necessary for them to be there for you for a fixed set of hours. Discussing with them about the date is important to run the process smoothly.

2. Are the caterers comfortable to cook the meals that you have decided for your guests?

Each wedding is special in its own way and so are the foods. Most couples love to design the dishes as per the theme of their wedding. a  team of experienced professionals are usually comfortable with a wide range of dishes. However, it’s better to ask them beforehand. It’s of no use to choose one and then on the day of the wedding, you come to know about their limitations.

3. Are they compatible with your style?

There are two types of wedding catering system – On-premise and Off-premise. 

On-Premise: The caterers arrive at the wedding spot to cook the meal. 

Off-Premise: the caterers cook the meal somewhere else and deliver at to the wedding location

4. Are they comfortable to operate as per your demand for the catering service style?

There is a wide range of catering styles, such as plated dinner, buffet, food station, cocktail style, food truck and many more. Whatever is your requirement, discuss with the caterers in London before selection.

5. Is the team equipped with enough caterers?

This is crucial to ask if the guest list is quite long or you are willing to arrange a seated meal service or both. Each of these service systems necessitates a longer list of servers to meet the demand. It’s better to work with a catering team who has enough caterers to suit your needs.

6. Which services are included in the price they are charging for?

It may not be a question that often comes in our mind but it’s important to ask prior to selection. You may think pouring champagne or serving the cakes may not cost extra but it can be chargeable at times. 

It’s better to ask beforehand to eliminate any confusion regarding the catering service. 

If the less expensive team charges for these but the price remains in your budget, then it’s better to opt for that one.

7. What’s the portion size?

Ask your caterers about the portion size to understand what your guests will receive on the big day. Many offer a huge meal size during the tasting but it’s important to check on behalf of your guests as well.

Who doesn’t want to host a memorable wedding meal on a special day? This only becomes successful while you and your wedding caterers in London work as a team.

Make the day special for everyone involved!